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This original oil on board piece by artist Roland "Kickapoo" Logan is titled "Doorways". Measuring 20" x 16", this piece is in good condition and is signed by the artist in the lower right corner. The following is taken directly from a flyer evidently originally provided by the artist that accompanied one of Kickapoo’s paintings:

Kickapoo Logan received his brush name, from his childhood home in the Kickapoo Indian lands of Northeast Kansas. He is Irish Indian. More and more people today are buying Kickapoo Logan original oil paintings, because they want to enjoy:

* the bold stokes of his seascapes,

* the grandeur of his mountain scenes,

* the warm colors of his desert scapes,

* the "tranquil moods" of his rural scenes,

* and the native beauty of his American Indian Paintings.

The Los Angeles Times said, "Kickapoo’s Life Is Art". His colorful and robust career spells creativity – A Naval Commander, coach, and trainer at West Point, Pittsburg, George Washington and Kansas Universities and the Boston Red Sox. Author, lecturer, singer, and manufacturer of athletic and surgical products.

He sold his factory to paint eight hours a day. Robert A. Schroeder president of the Missouri Bar Foundation said "Kickapoo You are in the class of the great Robert Wood" Mr. Schroeder is an outstanding art authority, and he and Mrs. Schroeder own one of the largest and finest private art collections in the USA. This includes five Kickapoos.

Kickapoo recently [1962] was elected to the National Hall of Fame for athletic trainers. Most recently the US Navy commissioned Kickapoo to new surface and sub surface equipment. The paintings will then be on tour through the USA.

An ever increasing majority of commissions for Kickapoo’s paintings are coming in, in the form of mail orders. Kickapoo extends to you a invitation to stop in and "browse" among his paintings on display in his Palm Springs California Studio – by appointment.

"Kickapoo" Logan distinguished American Artist, presented President Richard Nixon an oil seascape, at the White House in October 1969. Mr. Nixon then requested one of Kickapoo’s "desert scapes" for his San Clemente White House West.

Kickapoo’s paintings are on display across the length and breadth of the country:

* Salmagundi Art Club, New York City, N.Y.

* Old World Gallery, Kansas City, Mo.

* The Eisenhower Collection, Eisenhower Museum, Abilene, Kansas.

* Gallery "G", Wichita, Kansas.

* The Collection of the Fine Arts Museum, Kansas Univ., Kansas.

* Civic Art Gallery, Topeka, Kansas.

* Blue Door Gallery, Taos, New Mexico.

* Trailside Gallery, Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

* Southwest Gallery, Palm Desert, California.

* Julie Gregory Gallery, Laguna Beach, California.

* Showcase 21, Los Angeles, California.

* Davis Gallery, Honolulu, Hawaii.

* and numerous outstanding private collections.

The American Institute of Fine Arts awarded Kickapoo their medal, honoring his artistic ability. His recognition is so widespread, that he is in demand as: Show Judge, Workshop Instructor, and as entertaining personality at his "one-man shows".

Kickapoo Logan’s Studio was located at: 19 Carmel Dr. Palm Springs, California.

He later relocated his studio to: 1175 San Lucas Road, Palm Springs, California.

Condition: Good