Raymer Society Consignment Art Auction

Conyers, Wayne, stoneware bowl,

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Wayne Conyers, stoneware bowl, signed "Conyers" on bottom, good condition, 2.5×8.75×8.85 inches. Artist Statement of Work:2012 – I am in love with the process of creating art. As much as I enjoy the end product, it is the process, the act of bringing a new visual entity into being, that feeds my artistic soul. The process of taking a conceptual idea and turning it into a tangible painting-that’s what cranks my case. And then there is the tactile experience of loading a brush with paint and then hitting that watercolor paper..ah, how wonderful!My paintings are obsessively permeated with a very distinct pattern that reflects my belief that all things, seen and unseen, are somehow unified on a higher plane of existence that we cannot comprehend.As corny as this might sound, relationships matter. In both life and art, relationships are the most meaningful component.To find meaning in both life and my work, giving attention to detail has become very important. Details define who and what we are.Patience and nurturing relationships are at the foundation of my work and my life. Spending hundreds of hours on a painting is enjoyable and fulfilling. Most of my paintings take 1-3 years to produce; I’ve been married for 39 years. There is no difference. Humor is a wonderful thing. It has the potential of being a tool for keeping ourselves focused, for emotional renewal, and for not taking life too seriously. If viewers of my paintings become engaged with the imagery, look at their titles, and then begin to chuckle, I know we’ve connected.

Condition: good

Dimensions: 2.5 x 8.75 x 8.75 in

Weight: 1.5 lb