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Gunnerson, Oscar (1864-1962) oil on canvas board, winter sunset

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Oscar Gunnerson, oil on board, winter sunset, signed lower right, good condition, 18×24 inches. Oscar Gunnarson (1884-1962) was born in Lindsborg, KS on June 17, 1884. His parents came from Värmland Province in Sweden. Oscar attended the Lindsborg schools and graduated from the Bethany College Commercial Department in 1906.As a young boy, Gunnarson was interested in drawing and painting. Many hours were spent drawing. He also took lessons from Birger Sandzén, but was largely a self-taught artist. Later, Oscar also developed an interest in sculpture.In the early 1930s Gunnarson began to produce concrete sculpture. A number of local Lindsborg people became the subject of this work. Several of these sculptures are on display at the Old Mill Museum in Lindsborg.Oscar Gunnarson’s landscape oil paintings capture and depict the blowing snow which fills the land of the Smoky Valley. He painted many winter motifs of the farms along the Burma Road (13th Avenue) West of Lindsborg. He captured local farmers milking their cows on cold winter days or their homesteads covered with snow and ice. Birger Sandzén complimented Oscar for his ability to capture the feeling of blowing snow and for his many scenes of the farms and barns of the Valley. They were friends and shared the art tradition of Lindsborg.Oscar was an active painter until his sudden death in December, 1962. Today his paintings and sculptures are in many homes in the Valley. His wintry scenes in oils depict more than the winter landscape of Kansas as they vibrate with the cold North wind and the bitter cold endured by many who call the Smoky Valley home.

Condition: good

Dimensions: 23.25 x 29.25 x 1.5 in

Weight: -5.75 lb